New Ph.D. student on the team

By | August 21, 2019

Welcome Jorge!

I’d like to officially welcome Jorge Duarte Garcia to the Analytics Lab @ OU team as the newest Ph.D student.  I was pleased to work with Jorge as his Master’s advisor during his graduate studies in Data Science and Analytics and I am looking forward to seeing how much more we can accomplish as he pursues his Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Jorge A. Duarte, PhD. Student, ISE

Jorge started his PhD. in Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Fall of 2019, after completing his MSc. in Data Science and Analytics at The University of Oklahoma (OU) in the Summer of 2019. He also holds a BSc. in Systems Engineering from Universidad El Bosque in Bogotá, Colombia where he is from originally. His MSc. Thesis, entitled Probabilistic characterization of floods from catchment-scale precipitation moments, uses a variety of machine learning models in conjunction with data pertaining the spatial variability of rainfall, to characterize flood conditions and characteristics over gauged locations across the Contiguous United States (CONUS).   We are currently preparing his thesis for journal publication.

Since Spring of 2017, Jorge has worked with NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) through OU’s Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS). As part of NSSL’s Warning Research and Development Division (WRDD), he’s been actively involved with projects such as ANCHOR (Automated Non-Contact Hydrologic Observation in Rivers) [] and FLASH (Flooded Locations and Simulated Hydrographs) []. Revolving around topics related to hydrometeorology and hydroinfomatics: hydrologic modeling of flash floods, remote sensing and post-wildfire debris flows, his contributions have involved designing and implementing machine learning and statistical computing approaches for predictive modeling, data processing and analysis.

Jorge’s primary research interests include predictive modeling, applied machine learning and hydroinformatics.

In his spare time Jorge enjoys composing, playing and producing music, and as an Amateur Radio Operator (licensed as W3JDG and HK3JDG) he also enjoys exploring the radio spectrum, and contacting DX (long distance) stations.