Welcome students!

By | May 20, 2016


Welcome! Bienvenidos!  欢迎! خوش آمدی

Very happy to welcome some new students to the Analytics Lab!  Some of these will be working with Dr. Nicholson for their Master’s thesis, others are working on special studies projects or practicums — regardless, those of use in the lab are glad you are around and looking forward to the Summer and Fall ’16 and beyond!

  • Alex Rodríguez – MS thesis — Alex will be working on NIST Community Resilience Project
  • Yanbin Chang – MS thesis — Yanbin will be working on NSF Resilience Analytics Project
  • Samineh Nayeri – special studies (decomposition algorithm for a network flow model)
  • Megan Snelling – MS thesis (I got a great NIST Community resilience project waiting for you!)
  • Alex Beene – practicum (OKC Thunder)
  • Emily Grimes – practicum (Nerd Kingdom)
  • Shejuti Silvia – practicum (GE Oil and Gas)
  • Stephen Gonzalez – MS thesis — I have some good ideas for you!
  • Hamoud Obaid – special studies (economic optimization modeling) –> congrats to Hamoud: he is getting married over the Summer!

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