Welcome to Fall 2017!

By | August 22, 2017

Farewell to Summer

I hope everyone had a great summer and are enjoying the beginning of the Fall 2017 classes begin anew.  I’ve been here most of the summer, and wow! it is great to have the students back — the peace and quiet are nice for a while, but the campus really comes alive in Fall.

My summer included a trip to Disney with the family, a solo climb of two 14,000+ foot mountains in Colorado (Blanca Peak and Ellingwood Point), and trip to Austria for the ICOSSAR 2017 conference.

Welcome to Fall 2017 courses

My classes begin on Tuesday, 8/22 — both DSA/ISE 5103 and ISE 4113.

The DSA/ISE 5103 Intelligent Data Analytics graduate course is one which I think is core to data science.  In it we will  study and practice how to deal with real-world data intensive problems.   The topics include lots of data work and some great modeling techniques/applications such as dimension reduction, facial recognition, linear and logistic regression, LASSO, elasticnet, support vector machines, MARS, decision trees, random forests, boosted trees, neural networks, and clustering.  You will use powerful open source statistical programming language (R) and work on hands-on, applied data analysis projects.  No previous R experienced is required.  That said, I will expect you to work hard to learn the tool!  This course is being offered both online and on-campus.

In the ISE 4113 undergraduate course, we will be delving into the nitty-gritty of MS Excel to build spreadsheet-based decision support systems.  Excel is essentially ubiquitous in industry and mastery of it is critical!  We will go way beyond simple formulas and the basic usage of the tool and delve into optimization modeling, simulation, and even Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming.  This class is a big class, but fortunately, we have an excellent TA supporting the class.

DSA club?

One piece of great news is that it looks like there is some interest in starting a Data Science and Analytics club.  I will have more news about this later this semester, but if you are interested in joining such a club, please feel free to email me!  More info to follow!

I  look forward to meeting and getting to know you all this semester!

Charles Nicholson