Recruiting grad student for data science project

By | October 26, 2015
recruiting students to work on data science project for Nerd Kingdom's product "TUG"

Image from TUG: The Untitled Game

Recruiting for research!

The Analytics Lab is currently recruiting a MS or PhD student to work on 2 year sponsored research from Nerd Kingdom collaboratively with SMU Guildhall.  The project is a data intensive, data science project that requires significant analytical skills and creative thinking.  Nerd Kingdom is a video game technology and research group that is interested in how technology, behavioral science, economics, and game development intersect.

The research position would be dedicated to first helping to design the data capture specifications and subsequently perform data-mining and predictive modeling on player behavior to enhance the gaming experience for their new open-world sandbox game TUG.

Position requirements include (1) strong quantitative analytics capability; expertise/interest in predictive modeling, association mining, and/or clustering, (2) excellent experience with R and/or Python (sciPy), (3)  willing to ramp-up on evolving technologies.

Experience in JavaScript and SQL is a strong plus.

If you are interested in this research opportunity please send your CV to cnicholson @ ou (dot) edu