Doing good in the community

By | October 12, 2015


Dr. Nicholson is a volunteer for and executive member of a recently formed charitable organization “Luggage with Love” that supports foster children and families in and around Norman, Oklahoma.

Foster children are placed, sometimes as emergency placements with little warning, in temporary homes.   These children are not at fault — the reasons for their placements vary, but most situations are very difficult.  The trauma of being removed suddenly from one home and placed in another is already stress enough.

Many times these children arrive to their new families with nothing more than a garbage bag with their things — usually very little and oftentimes no supplies and only the clothes on their backs.  Infants may be placed with no diapers, no formula, no clothes.

It is the mission of Luggage with Love to deliver a suitcase full of seasonally appropriate, correctly fitted clothing and supplies, for FREE, to each new foster or adoptive placement, in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.   We want to give them a gift that will encourage them, and lighten the load for the family receiving them.

Luggage with Love is able to do what it does based on donations of lightly used children’s clothes from people and businesses in the area.  

We are happy to know that News Channel 9 will be airing a story on November 16th about the newly formed Luggage with Love!

If you are or know of a foster family in need, or are interested in donating to help this cause, please connect Luggage With Love for more information.

If you are new to understanding the struggles of foster children and families, check out this video…