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Two new resilience publications 2017!

Two new resilience publications! Well, here at the Analytics Lab @ OU  2017 started off nicely with two new articles published in the area of community resilience. We are also very excited about finally being able to share the virtual community we created named “Centerville” as a part of the Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience… Read More »

New pubs in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

The Analytics Lab has two new publications recently accepted in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure. Barker, K., J. Lambert, C. Zobel, A. Tapia, J. Ramirez-Marquez, L. McLay, C. Caragea, C. Nicholson. 2016. Defining Resilience Analytics. Accepted for publication in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure on September 1, 2016. Zhang, W. and C. Nicholson. 2016. A multi-objective optimization model for retrofit strategies… Read More »

Two new publications in CAIE

Summer publications! We are happy to see two new papers accepted for publication in Computers and Industrial Engineering this Summer!  These publications form a logical pair, with one introducing a new perspective that uses statistical learning to help study the Fixed-Charge Network Flow (FCNF) problem and the other develops a solution technique that hybridizes the new… Read More »

Flow-Based Vulnerability Measures for Network Component Importance: Experimentation with Preparedness Planning

A new resilience paper “Flow-Based Vulnerability Measures for Network Component Importance: Experimentation with Preparedness Planning” authored by Charles Nicholson, Kash Barker, and Jose Ramirez-Marquez and has been accepted for publication in Reliability Engineering & System Safety.   This work develops and compares several flow-based vulnerability me asures to prioritize important network edges for the implementation… Read More »